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ASO for Apps What Is It And How to Use It

ASO for Apps: What Is It And How to Use It

That’s not a secret that the success of the app depends on its quality and features. Teams of professionals and specialists in various spheres are engaged to develop a good product that will solve users’ issues. But how to introduce your app to a customer? How to make him find it in the ocean of competitors on the app store? That’s where you need App Store Optimization, or short, ASO.

What Is ASO for Apps And Why Do You Need It

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the method to improve the visibility of your application in the app store generating more downloads and profit. The earlier user sees your solution after the search request the more chances he will download it. Apps are more visible when they rank highly on a wide variety of search phrases, hold a high position in the top charts, or get featured in the store. And to make your app more discoverable is exactly the task for App Store Optimization.

Principles of ASO for Apps

ASO for apps is a multifaceted approach that includes a myriad of aspects to work at. ASO for apps includes:

  • Optimization of text description (keywords, metadata)
  • Optimization of media content (icons and screenshots)
  • Localization of the store page into world languages
  • Analysis of the application positions in app stores and monitoring competitors
  • Preparation of reports and metrics for ASO

Text Optimization

Search ASO

Text optimization is the process of choosing the right keywords and phrases that will be used by a user to find a necessary app. Store search engines will offer him your application if the search request meets the selected keywords for your app. If the app’s metadata contains necessary keywords in the name of the app, subtitle, short description, and full description, it will be easy for users to find you. Let’s consider text optimization in the example of two popular stores.

ASO for Google Play

There is a common belief that ASO for apps is identical to Search Engine Optimization for websites. While the basic principles are the same, many aspects are still different. The essential elements to optimize are the following:

  • Name. This field should include the most effective and relevant keywords cause they have the most impact on the search ranking.
  • Short description. This field has also a big influence on the position of your app for search engines. Relevant keywords and strong call-to-actions will also affect conversion and ranking.
  • Full description. This is the field where you can additionally familiarize your potential user with your app. Use mid-frequency and low-frequency search queries and avoid the overuse of keywords in this field.

Specialists believe that though all the Google Play ranking algorithms are well-known, holding the top position in search queries is an art and requires strong skills. ASO experts should permanently research for the new relevant keywords, prioritize them and measure their performance on a long-term basis.

ASO for App Store

App Store Optimization for App Store is similar to Google Play but has its own specifics. The most critical factors that influence the rank of the app in the App Store are the following:

  • Title. App name should be unique and uncommon and explain what your app is about. The maximum number of characters is 30, so you have rather limited space for your keywords.
  • Subtitle. Even though the subtitle of the app is not as major as the title, it carries almost the same weight concerning ranking impact. The keywords in this field usually describe the main features of your app and explain its benefits.
  • Keywords. The keyword field is available only to you and helps the App Store algorithms understand what your application can do. Add up to 100 characters, and separate keywords by a comma without using white space.


When you localize your app page on the App Store and Google Play, it is necessary not only to translate keywords from one language to another but also to adjust them to cultural and linguistic peculiarities and find keywords and slang words to attract more users to your app page.

Visual Optimization

ASO Visual Optimization

Visual optimization is an essential ASO aspect that greatly influences conversion. Graphic elements like screenshots and app icons are as important as the name and description of the app. It should be also consistent and informative showing the potential user the benefits of the app and explaining how the app solves the user’s issues.

Application Icon

The first impression of the app is made by the icon. How many worthy apps were skipped due to weak app icons? The styles of the icon design are endless. There can be icons containing the part of the app’s name, logo, interface element, etc. This element should be designed by a skilled and talented person that can feel the habits and understand the psychology of the potential user.

Application Screenshots

A screenshot is a next step to represent the app to further customers. You can attract them by informative previews of your interface, functionality, or gameplay. You may also appeal to your users with a call-to-action and encourage them to download the app.

Opinions on visual ASO for apps can sometimes differ among developers, designers, or ASO experts. That’s why App Store Optimization should include A/B tests to figure out what graphic elements design will have the most positive effect. In general, the ASO approach is the trial and error path.

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