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Outsourced marketing for B2B, SaaS, tech companies

Need help with optimizing your website for search engines?

Want someone to set up and manage social media marketing for you?

Wish to grow a stellar brand reputation and PR?

Seek to enlist the services of the best affiliates?

Looking for professional marketing research and consultation?

Have no idea about all those buzzwords and just need to outsource your marketing efforts?

Our Digital Marketing Services ⚡

Whatever marketing problem you want to solve, our marketing agency is here to help your business!


Mobile marketing


Shopify & Etsy

Mobile App Marketing

Experienced and qualified mobile app marketing services for businesses of any stage and scope.

App Store Optimization

ASO allows you to get your application to the Top of stores and win target users globally.

Search Engine Optimization

Create a high-ranking website even in a competitive environment.

Paid Search Services 💡

We will help to get high brand exposure and conversion in short terms.

Return on Investment

Website From Scratch

Create a brand new website from scratch and promote it using best-performing digital marketing channels.

SaaS Content Marketing

We will take care of your SEO, content creation, copywriting, and any other content marketing needs.

Go-to-Market Agency

Hire to develop a go-to-market strategy and successfully deliver your product or service to customers

Shopify Services

Unleash the full potential of your e-commerce journey with our tailored Shopify solutions. From seamless storefronts to robust payment integrations, we've got you covered.

Etsy Services

Craft a unique online presence with our Etsy expertise. Elevate your handmade creations and connect with a global audience effortlessly. Let your art shine on Etsy!

WordPress Services

Transform your website into a captivating digital experience with our WordPress wonders. From stunning designs to powerful functionalities, we make your online presence unforgettable.

Etsy Services


See why YOU need

Learn how much of a difference it makes to be working with our marketing agency!


Years of


Experience magical design solutions

More than just an ad agency, we harness the tools of traditional and digital.

Search Engine

Digital marketing

App Development

Case studies

Recent Projects

Case studies

Recent Projects

Portfolio - VPN Unlimited app

VPN Unlimited®

Security & Privacy

Portfolio - Passwarden app


Security & Privacy

Portfolio - DNS Firewall app

DNS Firewall

Security & Privacy

Portfolio - MonoDefense bundle


App Bundle

Portfolio - Goals by KeepSolid app

Goals by KeepSolid


Portfolio - SmartDNS app



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Reach us with a detailed description of your product or service and your needs


step 2

Our project

We analyze your product or service and offer you an optimal project in terms of time and budget


step 3

You get

We handle your project and you enjoy new business clients, leads, and conversions.




Here are some of the tools that we use for data-driven marketing decisions



Apple<br>App Store

App Store















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Trusted by global companies

Install any demo, plugin or template in a matter of seconds. Pin any content, use different duration times.

Testimonials 😍

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Any business that shoots for the success of their mobile application will benefit from App Store Optimization (ASO).

Experts of our marketing agency will identify what kind of app store promotion your application needs, develop an advertising strategy, and optimize your app's store content.

We use only data-driven and experiment-based tactics to ensure the biggest bang for your buck.

Do you know which app stores will work best for your app, how to promote it there, and what digital marketing channels will work most efficiently for a B2B mobile app?

We do! And we’re going to get your app to the top of all store listings in no time, while also promoting it with app store ads to ensure that it reaches your target audience.

Allow to help you with strong presence on the search engine results page. Our B2B SEO agency will help your product be visible on Google with top-notch technical solutions.

Our specialists implement the most effective practices and track all the necessary metrics to evaluate the impact of our services.

Were you looking for a SaaS content marketing agency? We will take care of your SEO, content creation, copywriting, and any other content marketing needs.

SaaS digital marketing takes a dedicated approach, you can’t just set and forget it - you need a careful content strategy and impeccable execution. Which is exactly what you’ll get with our tech marketing agency!

Are you planning to penetrate a new market and need to identify the best way to do it? Or have you been in a familiar market for so long that this may have narrowed your vision too much, and so you need a fresh outlook?

Outsource your digital marketing research to us! will analyze your market and present you with everything you need to know in a clear, actionable form.

Already know your market like the back of your hand but aren’t sure what’s the best next step to conquer it? Or maybe you have no experience in marketing and need someone to quickly put you in the picture? will be happy to consult you! Our B2B, SaaS digital marketing agency employs a team of experienced professionals for your convenience. Whatever questions you may have, we’ll provide you with the person who has the answers.

So, you’ve built your very own product - what’s next? How to help it find the correct audience and win them over, how to best promote it? Allow us to take a look! will analyze your product’s unique strengths and inform you of the opportunities you may want to seize. We’ll detect any underutilized digital marketing channels you may want to leverage or even whole new markets you may be overlooking.

You can easily delagate the process of website building to our company. We can provide high-quality maintenance of your website using the top-notch technologies.

Regular reporting and transparent working process is guaranteed. Get ready for instant boost for your business whatever sphere you are involved.

Our Paid Search agency is ready to help you with all those ROI, ROAS, CTR, CPC, and other necessary metrics that may arise during this PPC approach.

Paid Search is an essential component of marketing strategy that allows achieving best brand exposure in short terms.

We specialize in crafting tailored solutions to elevate your online presence.

Explore the world of Etsy with our dedicated services, connecting artisans and creators with their niche audience through personalized marketing strategies.

Harness the power of Shopify as we design and optimize your e-commerce store for seamless transactions and a captivating customer experience.

Our expertise extends to WordPress, where we blend creativity and functionality to build visually stunning websites that resonate with your brand.

Meet Our Team is a company of KeepSolid Inc. and as such we employ seasoned digital marketing experts. Get access to our hands-on experience in implementing various marketing methods for B2B, SaaS, tech and product companies, startups, etc.

🇺🇦 Vasyl Ivanov

🇺🇦 Vasyl Ivanov

Founder and Marketing Expert
🇵🇱 Andrew Kalyuzhin

🇵🇱 Andrew Kalyuzhin

Design Expert
🇺🇦 Yulia Glazunova

🇺🇦 Yulia Glazunova

Head of Content Marketing
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