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Mobile App Marketing Services

With the extensive growth of online services the number of people using mobile devices in their daily routine has significantly increased. Small and big companies have faced the need to engage users by creating apps for their digital and non-digital services. Mobile app marketing agencies have become an essential part of any marketing strategies and campaigns solving the issues of interacting with users through their entire lifecycle.

Importance of Mobile App Marketing Services

Mobile devices are widely used for searching, purchasing, mailing, and other types of routine activities. This makes a huge base of potential customers for any kind of service. Mobile app marketing agencies have developed the basic principles of strategies to hold digital marketing campaigns: Acquisition, Activation, and Retention. They provide the best possible user experience and maintenance of users within the whole period.

Who's it for?

Big , small and mid-size businesses

Mobile App Marketing Services offer numerous opportunities for businesses of different shapes and sizes.

Coffeeshops and restaurants

A growing trend is location-based mobile app marketing. Now restaurants and bars have become one push notification away from their customers.

SaaS and estores

The digital presence can make them ahead of other competitors bringing a big amount of benefits.

What's it for?

Developing a mobile app strategy for business can offer valuable marketing opportunities and help you reach your target audience, as well as many other advantages that will help put your service ahead.

More completed purchases, subscriptions, and renewals

High ROI and more potential loyal clients

Up-to-date info about current or future limited offers

High level of engagement

Personalized instantly delivered marketing messages

Better awareness about your products or services

KPIs of Mobile App Marketing Service: Churn RateK-FactorRetention RateAverage Revenue Per UserReturn on Ad Spend Lifetime Value

Long-term success of your mobile app marketing campaign is not possible without constant measuring performance and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategy for mobile app. KPIs are those indicators that can help to evaluate growth and analyze all the factors that can drive downloads.

Retention Rate

Retention rate is a ratio of users who opened the app to install-day users on a 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day basis.

This KPI can be much more insightful than downloads and acquisition rates because it describes the “stickiness” of the service and helps to analyze the user behavior patterns.

Churn Rate

This factor indicates the number of users that stopped using your app after a certain period.

The most common is to take the number of new users this month and compare it with the number of users still using the app the next month.


K-Factor is a referral or word-of-mouth rate. It describes the potential of the app to become viral and the chance to be recommended.

The higher the K-Factor is, the more profitable your marketing campaigns are. Expenses for acquiring new users are compensated by referral clients.


Average Revenue Per User is another general KPI for mobile marketing agencies that shows the profitability of a product based on the amount of money that is generated from each of its users or subscribers.

ARPU is usually calculated as total revenue divided by the number of units, users, or subscribers.

Return on Ad Spend

ROAS describes the ratio between revenue and marketing campaign expenses. Based on the ROI metric, it is essential to evaluate the success of the campaign by showing the profit achieved. You can assess the performance of targeting, and advertising and figure out necessary changes to improve the indicators.

Lifetime Value

LTV shows the value of each user within a certain period. It is a more tricky indicator to track than ARPU.

It can provide insights on stages of the user lifecycle and the profit they can bring without paying for your service. There are three main aspects affecting LTV: retention, monetization, and virality.

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Hire Your Mobile App Marketing Agency

The main task of mobile app marketing agencies is to navigate your product app through a complex and highly-competitive market. Digital marketing agencies can provide you with a complete marketing strategy from the very beginning through all the stages of the app’s development. This helps developers and creative teams to focus on their tasks without managing marketing KPIs and marketing campaigns for mobile apps.

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🇺🇦 Vasyl Ivanov

Founder and Marketing Expert
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🇵🇱 Andrew Kalyuzhin

Design Expert
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🇺🇦 Yulia Glazunova

Head of Content Marketing

Best Practices

Attracting customers seems to be an exclusively creative process. Our mobile app marketing agency can agree, but only on half. Appealing to new customers and bringing revenue will be more effective with a determined structure and strategy. Your product or service should bring valuable user experience monetizing it as efficiently as possible. The following stages are not the exact action strategy, but these best practices will let you reach a decent level of product development:

Define your mobile marketing objectives

Identify the target audience

Develop a strategy

Build a mobile database

Share relevant content via marketing channels

Measure your success with relevant KPIs

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