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Product Design

To create convenient and useful products and services, you need to understand the needs of those for whom they are intended. Complete product design services through the Design Thinking process will help you create the perfect user experience for new products and scale existing ones. Design Thinking allows you to dive deep into the customer experience, ask the right questions, and solve problems creatively.

Experienced specialists of our agency will guide your idea through all stages of product design development, from workshops and audits to user testing and release. Bring your ideas to life with the product design agency.

Design Thinking

What is Product Design Thinking

Design Thinking process was initially mentioned in “The Sciences of the Artificial” by Herber A. Simon, the Nobel Prize laureate in 1969. Today, specialists from various fields implement basic principles of Design Thinking in architecture, engineering, and digital and software development.

The main feature of Design Thinking, unlike analytical thinking, is not critical analysis, but a creative process in which sometimes the most unexpected ideas lead to the best solution to a problem. Product design is the exact sphere where the Design Thinking process shows up best.

Product Design Thinking Process

Design Thinking is an ingenious and constantly revising process. Its non-linear and iterative nature allows product design and development teams to better understand users, analyze the issues and find non-standard solutions.

It is based on six pillars — Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, and Implement. Let’s have a closer look at each stage and figure out why the Design Thinking approach has caught the attention of product design and developing teams and agencies in various spheres.


Stage 1. Empathize.

The ability to "get into the shoes" of another person and understand his feelings, motivation, and actions.

At this stage of product design, the task is to examine the user's experience and the context in which he acts. It is important to clarify his desires and motives and determine his requests. The goal is to collect enough information to “feel in someone else's shoes” and thereby understand the issues of the consumer. For a detailed study, the product design agency conducts in-depth interviews and observes the user's world and habits.

Stage 2. Define.

Processing information about customers’ lives and highlighting the issue to work at.

After “empathy”, the product design agency processes all the information received and focuses on the main issues of the user. The meaning of this step is to formulate a specific question for further work. It is important to develop key observations and visualize them. The stage can be performed in various forms: from walls with stickers to graphs and charts.


Stage 3. Ideate.

The stage of searching for multiple solutions to a single question established before.

In this process, the product design agency comes up with the main ideas. Brainstorms and discussions are the main tools to generate any concepts. All ideas are great until they collide with the real world. It is important to select viable versions.

Stage 4. Prototype.

A simple prototype will tell you more than you could imagine, help you find the right solution, and not lose money.

When a solution is chosen and the decision is made, the product design team begins to confirm or disprove their hypotheses. In software development, mockups include artistic rendering of a design or product that showcases said product in action. A mockup can be a model, image, or scene of a proposed design or product. This prototyping process needs to be cheap and fast so that the idea is not a pity to discard if it doesn't work.


Stage 5. Test.

Getting feedback on prototypes to realize what users like or don’t like. It is a priceless resource for product design insights.

Finally, the “surviving” prototype receives feedback from a potential user. Here it is important to understand how successfully the chosen solution collides with reality. You need to understand how the user interacts with the product and what comments he has. You can then proceed with further iterations of product design and make alterations and refinements to rule out alternative solutions.

Stage 6. Implement.

The final stage of releasing the product and implementing the developed solution.

Implementing the Design Thinking model can seriously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of creation and implementation strategies within a company.

The main benefit of the whole approach is the human-centric nature of the product design process. It puts the opinions and feelings of customers and consumers first in its considerations. The process can be always improved by new iterations considering new circumstances or market changes until the team is satisfied with the service they develop.


Product Design with

Product Design with

The agency is a team of professionals specialized in various marketing spheres: from Product Design to App Store Optimization. We are always ready to accept different challenges from our SaaS, B2B, and B2C customers.

Our agency can develop product design solutions for the most popular platforms, both mobile and desktop. We are also interested in projects aimed at other platforms like browsers, TVs, extensions, etc.

At product design agency, all the individuals, programs, processes, and systems are focused on aiding our employees to become fully involved and thriving. Individuals who feel valued will provide exceptional products and services, which will result in the achievement of organizational objectives.

Our employees are reliable specialists, setting their own high standards, and showing that they care about every aspect of their job. All the workers are deeply involved in every product design project staying industrious and organized and holding themselves accountable for their thoughts, words, and actions.

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Web Design offers turnkey website design. We develop ideas from business card pages to complex web platforms.

Multiplatform Applications

Application design of your product for any modern platform, from iOS and Android to TV and PlayStation.


Along with product design, we can create a corporate identity for your product or brand, from logo to design code.

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Our agency will find and point out all the existing issues of your product and offer quick wins, and short-term, and long-term strategies to improve your service.

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