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Paid Search Services

Paid Search is a helpful element of global marketing strategy that allows getting higher brand exposure in short terms. This approach requires additional costs but it needs less time to see the results in contrast to SEO.

Who Needs the Paid Search Services and Why

Companies with time-sensitive goals

PPC advertising agencies can offer solutions to bring results fast.

eCommerce stores

PPC advertising is pretty effective if your company offers a specific product in a highly competitive sphere.

SaaS services

When speed is of the essence, paid advertisements will deliver results much faster than standard organic search.

What's it for?​ advertising agency is here to assist you with this measurable and controllable marketing tool compared with more classic types of promotion. Benefits of engaging a paid search agency:​

Google Ads

Fast and measurable results

SEO and SMM are reliable long-term solutions, but if your company is looking for an immediate boost and fast ROI, PPC advertising is a suitable option.

More qualified leads and better local search

Become a recognizable part of your community and build trust in your brand and the products or services you offer.

Brand recognition and expert assistance

Connect with your clients directly and they will automatically recognize your brand and associate your services or products with you personally.

Paid Search KPI: Return on InvestmentReturn on Ad SpendAverage Click-Through-RateCost-Per-ClickGoogle Quality ScoreConversion Rate

Paid Search advertisements and the PPC approach need a large amount of data to be effective. There are so many great metrics to track with various intents. But when it comes down to it, different KPIs need to be prioritized for each marketing campaign. Our paid search agency will help to figure out what metrics and Key Performance Indicators are worth attention to.

Return on Investment


Calculating ROI is a cornerstone of PPC. PPC click costs aren’t the only expense to a PPC campaign. Calculating only conversion rate or CPC can be sufficient if you just collect leads. But In eCommerce, there are costs to make the products, fulfill the orders, or even pay salaries. So it’s vital to consider funds spent outside the paid search campaign.


Return on Ad Spend


Return on Ad Spend is an essential metric to compare costs on paid search and revenue received from it. By calculating ROAS you can figure out if your Paid Search campaign is effective or not. It leads to competent decision-making based on traffic drive within the PPC approach.



CTR is a basic KPI for paid search. It allows evaluating the number of people who have seen your ad against the number of clicks.
The Click-Through Rate is crucial as it affects the Quality Score of your ad which can improve the position of the ad for lower costs.


This indicator helps to analyze the budget spent on each user click. It is important to track it to make instant changes if your strategy doesn't work out. Your average CPC can be greatly reduced by enhancing your Quality Score, which is affected by
Click-Through Rate, Keyword Relevance, and LP quality.

Google Score

With the Google Ad tool you can learn how effective your ad is. You will have a quality score even before publishing. A positive Quality Score will guarantee PPC campaign discounts.
By optimizing your Quality Scores, you’ll be setting yourself up for a higher return on investment (ROI).

Conversion Rate

CVR is an essential KPI because it monitors the number of users who viewed your ad, clicked on it, pursued it through your CTAs, and made a purchase. CVR is guaranteed by various important factors that need the attention of the marketing team.

VPN Unlimited
DNS Firewall

Hire Your PPC Marketing Team is a paid search marketing agency that can handle the whole paid advertising campaign. You can make everything on your own, find keywords, bid on them, and publish your ads. But with a lack of experience in such a challenging sphere, it can be a waste of time and money. High-skilled specialists of our agency have many positive cases with various brands. can be a good navigator through all the phases of the campaign.

🇺🇦 Vasyl Ivanov

🇺🇦 Vasyl Ivanov

Founder and Marketing Expert
🇵🇱 Andrew Kalyuzhin

🇵🇱 Andrew Kalyuzhin

Design Expert
🇺🇦 Yulia Glazunova

🇺🇦 Yulia Glazunova

Head of Content Marketing

Best Practices

Advertising in Google search results has become a popular method of driving potential customers to your product or service. Due to the fast-developing digital marketing space, all companies from small startups to large franchises try to maximize possible conversion routes. In some cases, businesses stay unnoticed by users even using various advertising tools and engaging marketing agencies.

The best practice before starting a campaign is to determine the necessary metrics to generate more traffic and leads. Fast-developing PPC sphere needs much attention to effective spending of the budget and time. Our agency will help to implement the best practices.

Monitoring and adjusting necessary keywords for better performance

Paying attention to local keywords

Creating a landing page relevant to PPC ads message

Enhancing your LP performance

Focusing on mobile users while planning PPC advertising and LPs

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