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Search Engine Optimization ⚡ is an example of B2B SEO agencies focused on customer’s business objectives. A strong presence on the search engine results page can guarantee your product a boost in the number of users and further revenue. Our obsessed team can help your product be visible on Google with top-notch technical solutions and competent decision-making.

Search Engine Optimization Saas Agency

Who Needs SEO Services and Why

Almost every SaaS business can have a positive effect from search engine optimization. If you are the owner of any SaaS product or service, you surely want users to find it. That is the actual task of B2B SEO agencies: to make users who are searching for solutions find precisely yours. Effective SEO strategy allows you to improve organic traffic, generate leads, and attract customers.

Who's it for?

1. Product companies and startups

2. SaaS companies

3. Marketing agencies

4. Content teams

5. Non-IT services and products

What's it for?

1. More sales and revenue

2. Website traffic generating

3. Trust and credibility

4. Better user experience

5. Engagement and conversion

SEO Service’s KPI

KPIs in Search Engine Optimization are rather situational due to the fact that each type of SaaS business can be rather specific. Our B2B SaaS agency would like to offer universal SEO service KPIs that are essential for various businesses because tracking all the existing metrics can be a waste of time. Monitoring the right KPIs can save your company time, money, and the efforts of your marketing team.

Keyword and Search Ranking

Top position in search ranking is the cornerstone of SEO. The higher your website is the more traffic and conversion you have. The only thing is to promote the correct keywords. Keyword rankings are as crucial as other metrics and it is important to monitor how your main keywords are ranking on the SERP.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic metric shows the number of people visiting your website from organic search. So it is the main metric to track if you want to know the growth of your audience. This indicator helps to understand the effectiveness of your efforts and analyze the impact of the current SEO strategy.

Return On Investment

Return On Investment, or ROI, helps to measure your success. By calculating ROI for SEO, you’ll understand if the received income is worth the funds you spend on your website optimization. It is important to remember, that this metric can be negative at the beginning of your way. But if you hire a reliable SEO agency with the correct strategy you will notice positive dynamics in a few months.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is important to understand how many visitors to your webpage clicked the call-to-action button and made goal completion. The goal can be various, like starting a trial, subscribing, or purchasing a product. When you set specific actions as conversions, you can monitor how SEO impacts your conversion rate and corresponds to the ROI of your actions.

Organic Visibility

This indicator shows how often your website gets into search results according to the keywords it’s ranking for. This is one of the first metrics you should pay attention to analyze the success of your efforts. Users can not visit your website yet, but you will already learn if it becomes more visible on the web.

Branded and Non-Branded Traffic

According to this indicator you can monitor traffic from users who searched the terms contained in your product name. Usually, a searcher already knows about you. Non-branded traffic is usually brought by people searching for keywords around your products. It is going to be traffic that you can attribute directly to your SEO activities.

Benefits of Hiring a B2B SEO Agency

1. Qualified specialists

2. Transparent workflow 

3. Accessible case studies

4. No need to train talents

5. True estimate of results

Hire Your SaaS Team🚀

SaaS marketers and commerce specialists have admitted the positive impact of organic traffic and the role of SEO. More often SaaS companies engage outsource B2B SEO agencies to lead their optimization campaigns.

Write a clear title tag and meta description

Optimize your images and write useful content

Create an internal linking structure

Align your content with search intent

Best Practices ​

According to HubSpot research, more than 75% of users who search on Google never miss the first page of search results. It brings us to the importance of high ranking in search queries. It can be a pretty tough task to get top positions, but the following best practices can make this challenge easier and save you a lot of time.

The secret of successful SEO lies in permanent upgrade and staying relevant. These SEO best practices are basic principles to create a high-ranking website in a hard competitive environment. They can look pretty tough, having a lot of important subtle details. So why don’t you delegate this to an expert agency? offers a reliable team of experienced specialists that can provide end-to-end SEO services to boost your SaaS website and bring your KPIs to the next level.

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