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What is SaaS and what are its trends in 2022

2022 SaaS Marketing Guide

The development of Internet technologies in the 1990s opened the door to a new sphere of centralized computing, called application service providers (ASP). Since then, businesses could reduce the costs of hosting and managing specialized business applications. ASPs started to provide their B2B and B2C services and launched the beginning of fruitful cooperation.

From that moment Software-as-a-Service has become an attractive business model for small startups and computer giants. Companies and customers can benefit greatly from this branch: users have affordable and easy-to-use applications, and companies get loyal customers with regular recurring payments.

More and more B2B and B2C businesses are getting involved in the SaaS market and it becomes tougher to compete with rivals. The developers began to involve SaaS marketing teams to promote their products to keep and increase revenue.

What Is SaaS Marketing

B2B SaaS marketing is a type of marketing aimed at promoting and building awareness of a software service. SaaS marketing strategies are focused on selling digital products in the fast-growing digital space. In B2B SaaS, It is important to attract companies and customers for a long period of time and make them loyal to your brand and product.

Digital marketing contribution has changed a lot within the last years and marketers have to be creative and flexible while promoting SaaS products. The most up-to-date tools and techniques should be used to make your SaaS strategy catchy and competitive, simple, but still informative enough for the audience. Remember, that the main objective of SaaS products is to solve the customer’s issues.

This comprehensive guide will help you to recollect the best SaaS marketing techniques and get some insights for your further B2B or B2C project. The ideas are not mandatory for use but these tried-and-tested strategies can serve well for you. Let’s get straight into it!

Where SaaS Marketing Strategy Should Be Implemented

Software-as-a-Service was born in a digital environment and all its way developed there. Therefore the vital channels to promote software products are still digital as well. What are they?

Digital marketing

From the early 2000s marketing campaigns began actively involve digital devices like computers, phones, and tablets. Advertising B2B and B2C campaigns have gone online and transformed into website banners, pop-ups, video prerolls, email distribution, etc.

Unlike classic marketing approaches, which provide direct and one-way messaging (like television, radio, and print), digital marketing can attract consumers across multiple channels and even get instant feedback from them.

Social media marketing

With the development of social media and the rise of Facebook and Twitter, most advertisers started to involve these popular platforms to promote their B2B SaaS products. The databases of potential customers were almost ready and it has become easier to find the potential leads and target audience.

While social media networks are open, companies can get complete reports about the potential consumers’ activity, and interests, creating a better marketing strategy to attract them.

Content marketing

This marketing approach allows you to attract and retain your target audience by creating relevant and consistent content. It can be distributed in all formats, including blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

It is important to make your content valuable for your potential customers. By the time they contact you they must be convinced they want to work with you. You will not have to implement hard marketing tactics, as the customer will come ready to download and use your B2B SaaS product.

Public relations

B2B SaaS has become a highly competitive and overflowing business sphere, and PR can help you to stand out from the crowd and increase your product awareness. It should be included in your marketing strategy regardless of the size of your company. If you are a solid business or a young startup, PR efforts will improve your reputation for the customer base, journalists, and potential B2B investors. In developing public relations you will find partners sharing the same ideas and start collaborating for further growth.

Popular SaaS Marketing Tactics

Popular SaaS Marketing Tactics

We have already established where your marketing tactics should be used. But let’s have a closer look at them. What types of activities will promote your B2B product or service in 2022?

Importance of digital presence

We’ve already mentioned that digital marketing becomes an important part of the whole marketing sphere. Today staying on the web is the easiest way to make the customer learn about you. They can find you in many ways: in blogs, social media, YouTube ads, etc. Staying present across multiple digital channels, and what’s more important, platforms guarantees that your product will not stay unnoticed.

SEO optimization

The content you create must be readable not only for humans but for search engines as well. You have to optimize all the posts and pages to make it easier to find you. Involving a competent specialist can save you years to get your SaaS product noticed. Don’t neglect SEO recommendations and you will get more leads soon. In some situations, SEO optimization and organic traffic can be more stable and guarantee long-term success in comparison with fast-burning paid commercials.

Content marketing role

Generating leads in SaaS marketing is almost impossible with content marketing. Relevant and consistent content is the easiest way to explain to the potential customer why he has to use your product. All the major companies plan a solid part of their budgets to maintain their blogs, landing pages, and manuals. You can share the stories of your CEOs or good examples of other customers’ success. You need to make your technology more human, to make the potential customers feel complicity and partnership.

The value of investing in a loyal customer

One of the most valuable assets of your product or service is not only technologies or content. That is your customers. An active SaaS client can become your brand’s advocate and cut some steps in our customer acquisition process. According to Temkin Group, 77% of clients will recommend your product to their friends after a single positive experience. Stay in touch with your customers. A small touch like a birthday greeting will remind your customer about your brand and make a positive experience case. Develop your community, and a good expert reputation won’t keep you waiting long as well.

Consider your pricing and moneyback policy

SaaS marketing has become so popular because of its pricing strategy that is convenient for both customers and developers. New customers can get a trial period to learn more about the features of your app and then get a convenient subscription model of payment. And the company will raise its loyal customer base ready to pay on regular basis or try your new features and products.


After studying this article you’ve got some tactics and tips about the importance of marketing strategies for B2B and B2C SaaS marketing. Use those approaches and don’t be afraid to try new ones. Something that is currently central can be out of date in a day. Trends are swift passing. So, follow the updates and don’t let yourself get rusted.

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