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How to Increase Product Sign-Ups

How to Increase Product Sign-Ups and Traffic

The purpose of every company is to offer a product or service that will be demanded by the potential customer. Your product can be one of a kind, the most progressive, and revolutionary solution. But what if people just don’t know about it? How to get new users and encourage them to register? How to inform them about all the benefits of your product on the website and via email?

The success secret is not the mystery of the seven seals. It doesn’t require sophisticated marketing techniques. In this article, we are going to cover those simple steps and aspects that you can’t ignore to encourage users to register and get more sign-ups.

Tips to Get Sign-Ups On the SaaS Website

Tips to Get Sign-Ups On the SaaS Website

The most popular method to encourage and attract visitors to your SaaS website is to provide them with a free trial of your service. A free trial of your product is a win-win for your business and your potential loyal customers. You have a wonderful opportunity to show them all the benefits of your service and they can register and try it without any risks or payments. Such no-cost and no-obligation test drives will convert website visitors into paying users at a substantially higher rate.

But converting a visitor into a user is a pretty tough task because offering a free trial is only half the battle. Your product has to grab the customer and not let him go. Here are some tips to encourage users to register not only for a free trial but to become loyal and long-term customers.

Don’t ask for payment details

In general, netizens usually doubt and worry about inserting their payment credentials on the websites or emails. Even if the product has a free-of-charge sign-up, users will not likely enter their card numbers. Offering a free trial, it is necessary to inform customers that they will not be charged. According to research, the sign-up conversion rate can increase from 2% to 10% if you don’t require the bank details of your user.

Make your sign-up form simple

When it comes to the sign-up process, the fewer steps users do, the bigger chance they will complete the sign-up process. In a perfect world, a sign-up process should have only one step. If this is not possible, try to minimize the number of steps to sign up. Remember, that too many fields to fill in will not encourage the use but will scare him away.

Provide incentives

To encourage users to sign up for your service, offering something exclusive to a user is always a good idea. A free trial, set of templates, or unique training course may attract a user to spend a couple of minutes registering. Think about creating something relevant and intriguing and your sign-up boost won’t keep you waiting long.

Trustworthy social guarantees

People are always more ready to take a step if they know that somebody else has already made it. And it is our purpose to show them those users or companies that have already tried our solution and left positive feedback. You can declare how many users have already signed up or how many customers are using your product right now. Knowing that users are in good company will be a deciding factor to encourage them to register.

Allow sign up with an external account

The easiest way to turn a sign-up process into a one-button action is to allow customers to use their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to sign up. It makes login easier if the user has already registered in Google and just speeds up the process. Google credentials are usually saved in the browser and it will need a user only one tap to autofill his credentials.

Make your call-to-action unmissable

Your CTA button must be easily found and not confuse the user. Clearly explain to the user what he will get if he pushes the button and registers. Make it attractive for customers using the basic color psychology guidelines. If your product provides software, use the native App Store or Google Play buttons. Customers are likely to trust your product if they see it is related to world-recognized brands.

Importance of Content Marketing in Sign-Ups and Traffic Generation

All the marketing specialists will agree that increasing sign-ups and traffic is a serious challenge if you have a limited budget. But email subscribers and website visitors are pretty valuable leads that can become loyal customers and satisfied users if encouraged appropriately. All you need is to make some efforts towards engaging emails and high-quality optimized content that will attract the user’s attention.

You need to bring value to your visitors and give them the information they were searching for. High-quality content must be targeted, insightful, educational, and entertaining. The main metrics that you can follow are time on page and bounce rate. The first one will show you how much time the user spends on your site. The second one will show you how many users leave the webpage rather than continue to view it.

How we increased organic traffic by 3 times in 3 months

But what if your content is perfect but it doesn’t generate new email and website leads and your sign-up and traffic rates don’t grow? You need to optimize your content to allow netizens to find it on the web. Here is an example of how we at achieved the objective of our B2B customer VPN Unlimited.

The product is a reliable online security solution and it has all the prerequisites for intensive growth. Our task was to increase the website traffic and upgrade the VPN Unlimited website positions for search engines.

We made accurate research and formed a content strategy that would allow us to increase total traffic and clicks on the website. We identified SEO and content marketing as key to traffic and sign-ups growth. This strategy included the following steps:

  • Optimize existing posts for high-volume keywords to quickly improve our search rankings and traffic
  • Create content comparing VPN Unlimited with other competitors
  • Create new content focused on topics relevant to VPN Unlimited

Due to solid research and optimization, we succeeded to increase organic traffic by 3 times in 3 months. In December 2021 the VPN Unlimited website had 3,700 organic clicks per day. In March 2022 we hit the mark of 10,000 clicks per day.

All this traffic is a potential asset and will have a positive impact on email and sign-up conversion turning ordinary visitors into valuable customers.


As you can see, there are pretty many ways to encourage users to register and increase your sign-ups on the website and emails. Сontent and SEO can be a huge source of growth as well. Now it’s time to practice. Offer free trials, create valuable content and optimize it. Make experiments, solve user issues, and turn your startup into a massive enterprise in the short term.

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