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What is Content Syndication and How to Do It

Content marketing strategy has acquired much popularity among both small startups and large enterprises. Most of them hire full-time content marketing teams and have a documented content plan.
According to the latest research results, more than 80% of companies have a content marketing strategy. And that is not a surprise. This kind of business development has acquired much popularity among both small startups and large enterprises. Most of them hire full-time content marketing teams and have a documented content plan.

Types of content, platforms it is distributed on, and content consumption are all changing. And the key to success is staying relevant. However, regardless of how high-quality your content is, you may need much effort to get your content discovered by potential customers. Search Engine Optimization is obviously an effective way to make it. But successful content marketing teams have another ace on their sleeve. It is called content syndication.

What is Content Syndication


Content syndication is a kind of content republishing on a third-party website. It is an absolutely legitimate approach with respect to copyright and intellectual property. Content syndication is a win-win strategy for the original content creator and the third-party website. The author receives a larger audience, while a publishing resource gets to share high-quality content.

Content syndication is different from duplicating or guest posting. The original owner can also self-syndicate his piece of content to various forums, creating crowd-marketing links.
This approach is more favorable for content creators as it still gives them the right to share the same existing content on multiple websites.

Benefits of Content Syndication

Content syndication is one of the best ways to attract new readers to your content, product, or service, without spending too many costs or extra effort. If you use this approach wisely, syndicating your best high-quality content, you can get a large number of benefits.

Reach a wider audience

Content syndication allows you to engage more readers and attract more individuals interested in your product. With this approach, your content can touch those viewers and readers who have never come across your brand organically. To sum up, content syndication optimizes access to the content that you’ve spent so much time creating.

A big number of distribution channels

To reach a bigger audience you can use a myriad of content distribution channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, Reddit, etc. All of them are free and available for whatever experience in content creation you have. Moreover, using these channels you can have instant feedback from readers to get some insights or improve your skills in content creation.

Lead generation

Content syndication allows you to build the whole lead generation strategy. When prospects fill in their details on other services and websites, you can get more information about your audience and use it later to convert them into your customers. Ensure that you have given enough context and information about your brand and product as the newly obtained reader can be not familiar with your service.

Proof authority

Content syndication is a perfect tool to demonstrate your authority in the industry and become a kind of thought leader. If you find relevant content syndication partners you will be considered a real authority in the sphere you operate. But the main task is to provide correct information and give your audience answers to their issues.

How to Syndicate Content Effectively


Content syndication is surely one of the most effective ways to engage your audience and make your content more popular. But it is still important you do everything correctly.

Create high-quality relevant content

Before you publish your content the best practice is to pay attention at the following aspects:

  • quality
  • relevance
  • depth
  • authority

It is highly important to figure out the requirement of the platform you are going to publish on. For example, various groups on the Medium platform can have different requirements regarding structure, style, and other aspects of created content.

Find the best platforms with good reputations

Partnering with larger platforms or industry leads will help to improve your brand reputation and develop your authority. Before choosing a platform, make research about its audience, publications, and its style. Knowing how to write will increase your chances of being published.

Track your content performance and constantly improve

Content analysis is a crucial aspect of content syndication strategy. To generate high-quality leads it is important to estimate and optimize your content. Pay attention to engagement rate and conversion. The purpose of any content syndication campaign should be to assess and enhance outcomes by refining your approach regularly.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is a multifaceted and versatile sphere. It can include so many subtleties and details that it can take you years to master them. So does content syndication. Why don’t you hire a team of specialists that have already learned this sphere inside out? is the exact company that can help you with solving various marketing issues and delegates them to specialists.

Contact us and we’ll help you to build a brand image, increase backlinks, and create a network with industry experts. Regardless of your business size, we’ll find all the necessary tools to boost your company and income.

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