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Content Ideas for Any Kind of Business

Content Ideas for Any Kind of Business

Creating high-quality relevant content sometimes can be a real challenge. Especially if you are involved in a highly competitive and fast-developing industry. The best practice is to combine two approaches.

The first one is to create long-term sustained content that will be able to engage the audience with minimal expenses and updates. It usually relates to some manuals or blog articles. The second one is to write topical and up-to-date content to react to the fast-changing circumstances.

Various businesses prioritize different approaches. In this article, we will discuss content ideas for different business spheres – from education to healthcare. Let’s go!

Healthcare and Beauty Services


Healthcare businesses are constantly evolving showing more and more online presence within the last few years. High ranking for search engines and popularity among customers is the primary purpose for any business and healthcare content strategy is not an exception.

But it is important to consider that the target audience in healthcare is patient who is looking for help on the web and this fact should be considered while planning content marketing strategy.

Blog posts on various health conditions

Creating a blog with articles on relevant topics is a good way to attract a new audience. The blog may contain various medical information, from basic health principles to specialized medical use cases with comments from qualified physicians. But it is important to remember that the writer is obliged to have expert knowledge in the sphere he is writing about because healthcare is not the sphere where you can neglect the author’s expertness.

Health assessments and FAQs

A good option to attract new visitors to the healthcare website is to offer some quick solutions to potential customers. They will be able to receive quick answers and professional opinions about their symptoms and understand the level of care needed. Such online assessments and pain quizzes are not replacements for actual medical care but they can serve as additional information to start communication with a physician in a hospital.

Customer testimonials

User reviews have always had a big effect on potential customer decision-making. New clients are more likely to choose your healthcare service if they have positive examples of other people that already used it. In healthcare, it’s impossible to “try before you buy” or to “return services” for a refund. So getting recommendations and third-party opinions is the next best way to feel confident about spending time and money on your service.

Finances and banking

Finances and banking

Financial and banking spheres are considered to be difficult to compete in. This is also backed up by numerous restrictions and limitations for advertising financial services. Anyway, finding new clients that will be ready to share their funds or trust their savings is crucial for this business. So, let’s consider some ideas for content marketing that could help to engage relevant audiences and improve your marketing strategy.

Money-saving guides

This is not a secret that everybody wants to save money, from first-year students to transnational enterprises. That’s why any kind of blog post or analytics article on this topic will be a good way to drive visitors to your website. It is important to build trust and prove your authority within the niche. You can also integrate a savings calculator to bring some practical use to your content.

Industry statistics and news

Up-to-date statistics and quotes can be a solid magnet for potential customers. News and statistics from cryptocurrency exchanges are valued massively. You can offer some up-to-date information encouraging other resources to link to your site. This will give you a backlink boost that is highly appreciated by Google robots and search engines.

Review comparable products

Review and comparison of content is the ultimate trick to building content clusters that can attract visitors. People spend more and more time on the web analyzing financial and banking services. And you can help them. This win-win approach will bring confidence in your service to your audience. Just don’t forget to remain objective and transparent giving fair marks to all comparable products.

Construction and engineering

Construction and engineering

Engineering and construction are not considered to be the leading spheres in the content marketing world. Though this kind of content can be targeted to a certain audience and bring much value to those who need it.

Reviews of completed projects

While searching for the exact design or plan, visitors cope with a myriad of resources, videos, photos, and articles. With this type of content, you can show your visitors the high-quality work you deliver. Before-during-after content is widely popular even among those who are not familiar with the sphere. You can disclose some stories about issues that you have faced highlighting the professionalism of your team in overcoming those difficulties. This can be supported by photos and reports to present the final result.

Industry news and insights

The construction and engineering industry is a vast sphere including stages from planning and design to choosing technologies to realize all the ideas. And every day, tons of related news happen. You can create any type of content from popular trends like “How to organize your working space” to “How to find a qualified builders team”. Bring insights to potential visitors and you can become an authority in the industry.

Behind the scenes and unusual angles

Making your content more personal will lead to better trust in your business. Users are always interested in different insides and internal processes before having a final result. People appreciate it when they know who they are dealing with, watching behind the scenes where they can learn more about your equipment, or different tips and tricks during the process.

Education and studying

Education and studying

There is an opinion that content marketers are the best teachers. It can be easily explained. In creating effective content marketing, the main purpose of a specialist is to inform and educate consumers. The advantage of educational content is that it can touch upon any topic in the world: from mathematics and chemistry to biology and psychology research.

Researches and instructional materials

Educational content can relate to various life aspects. But the main task is to understand your audience and to realize the way of communicating with it. Research reports are kind of serious content that will have practical value for students and pupils. It is important to become an authority in the sphere to make visitors trust you.

Personal stories of former students

This kind of educational content can have entertaining nature but is still useful. Students are always building plans for the future and planning their further steps. Stories and use cases of graduates will help them to figure out what they want to master and what life aspect they want to devote their life.

Field trips stories

Very often the only thing students dream about is to leave the school building and visit some other places they have never been to. Classroom-based history lessons don’t have the same effect as outside excursions. That’s why this is the best way to engage the younger students to visit your site is to encourage field trips telling remarkable stories and enthralling biographies of famous people.

Software developing

software development

Building a marketing campaign in a software company without content planning is impossible. If done correctly, content marketing can bring your business a large number of leads and potential customers whatever product or service you offer. Consistent content can drive both organic traffic and build authority and confidence in the sphere.

Lists, graphs, and statistics

Blog posts offering different kinds of analytical content can have a great impact on search engines. This brings us to the importance of a well-designed SEO strategy. You can learn more about this crucial aspect here.

Case studies

Providing social proof is stil the best way to attract customers. High-quality case studies will answer the reader’s question “Should I invest in this service” or “Should I download this app”. Users are more likely to make a step forward if they see the results of this step. Even if it was made by others.

Guides and manuals

Regardless of the difficulty of your product, users will not stop asking questions about it. Guides and manuals are the best way to answer them. Step-by-step instructions on various topics even those not related to your product will generate a large amount of traffic and bring more users ready to try your product or service.

Final Thoughts

Every business has interesting stories to tell. Moreover, those stories don’t have to be business related. The main thing is to realize who is your audience, what kind of information they need, and in what form it should be presented. Don’t ignore the feedback as well. You can get priceless insights from the comments and opinions of your users. And we at are ready to help you with this!

Hire qualified content marketing specialists to find the best content ideas for your business!

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